THE BIG BUZZ: Website Purveyor Phil Ross Celebrates 72nd Birthday As Ross Reader Roost Achieves Latest Milestone

Oct. 16, 2019

Despite Prolonged, Ongoing Health Detour, Author Website Crests 27,000 Threshold Concurrent with Momentous Occasion Entering October

Despite a serious, ongoing medical situation that has sidelined Author Phil Ross, landing him in both the hospital and in long-term care from Dec. 28 - Present, this website, aka the Ross Reader Roost, achieved a landmark, gold-standard milestone entering 2019 by crashing the 23,000-visitor barrier on Jan. 28. Even more notable, however, was that the overall visitor total crested over the 27,000 threshold, at 27,061, on Sep. 24, Ross's 72nd birthday, and increased to 27,401 by Oct. 16. Ross, purveyor of this site who is now recovering with continuing out-of-home care from Parkinson's-related complications involving multiple surgeries, remains excited, and thanks all who have viewed the site, having witnessed a more-than-double growth the past year. The 19,000-visit mark was crested in early December, after having surpassed the vaunted 16,000 and 17,000 signposts, both by mid-November. Then followed achievement of 18,000-plus on Nov. 5, and 19,000, with 19,001, on Dec. 11, and an advancement to 20,419 by Dec. 27. Continued personal gratitude is extended to those who have visited here since the site's launch in fall 2016. Attributable to ongoing interest, in late June 2018, this website expanded into yet another new milestone area -- breaking the 9,000 mark on June 25, then climbing to 9,976 on Aug. 27, the day before finally bursting into the five-digit "stratosphere" at 10,004. On Sept. 16, 2018, the site exploded past the next magical threshold of 11,000 visitors at 11,041. The following month, this site busted three notable barriers, eclipsing 12,000 at 12,021 on Oct. 2, exceeding the 13,000 milestone on Oct. 13, then surpassing 14,000 before the month ended, eventually reaching 16,832 by Nov. 17, and 17,002 a day later, then 17,458 by Nov. 25. By Dec. 5, the viewer total had increased another thousand-fold, reaching 18,783 on Dec. 9. Those who already have viewed are strongly encouraged to invite at least 10 other persons to visit this site, which is the gateway to such Ross books as ONCE A TROJAN ALWAYS A TROJAN, BOTCHED BLOODING, the BLUE HOMBRES trilogy and other Ross works. Previous and potential viewers of this site also are encouraged to post in the Comments section of this site, and visit the mr phil ross Amazon Books page to buy print books or Kindle ebooks, and post reader reviews of those you have already read and enjoyed.

THE BIG BUZZ: Several Blue Hombres Begin 2019 Postseason Either with Wild Card or LDS Assignments

For 1st Time in More Than Year, Phil Ross Records First Correct Response in Horsehide Trivia

Aug. 11, 2019

Feat Marks 14th Occasion Overall That Website Purveyor Is Tops in Daily Baseball Contest

For the first time in more than a year and 14th time overall, Phil Ross, purveyor of this website, recorded the First Correct Response in the worldwide daily Horsehide Trivia contest on Aug. 8.

Trio of Veteran College Umpires Convene for Personal Reunion

Jun. 21, 2019

Oldest, Youngest Umpire School Grads Visit Arbiter/Scribe at New 'Home'

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THE BIG BUZZ: Author Phil Ross Gathers 'Dozen' as Early Yuletide 'Gift' By Being First Correct Respondent on Daily Horsehide Trivia Question

Dec. 22, 2018

Feat Marks 12th Time Overall and & 8th Occasion in 2018 for BLUE HOMBRES Trilogy Creator

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THE BIG BUZZ: Latest Phil Ross Book, BLUE HOMBRES 2.0, 2nd Volume in Latino Umpire Trilogy, Takes Bow in Debut

Dec. 27, 2018

New Book & 2nd Installment Set Stage for Book 3 in Trilogy

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The glorious Grand Canyon, America's treasure. (Photo by Phil Ross)

THE BIG BUZZ: Trio of Blue Hombres Earn Nods in MLB Early Postseason Rounds

Oct. 2, 2018

Veterans Hernandez, Marquez and Newcomer Morales Working 2018 WC or LDS Series

Three Latino Major League Baseball umpires -- two longtime veterans and a first-year full-timer -- have been assigned spots in early 2018 postseason play.

Gabe Morales, the Blue Hombre promoted to the permanent MLB staff before the '18 campaign, will work the right-field line on a six-man crew headed by fellow Californian Bill Miller (second base), also will be joined by Chris Guccione (home plate), Mark Wegner (1B), James Hoye (3B) and Tripp Gibson (LF) in the National League Wild Card game pitting the Colorado Rockies against the host Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on Oct. 2.

Meanwhile, another Golden State product, Alfonso Marquez, will be down the left-field line in an NL Divisional match-up beginning on Oct. 4 -- the Rockies-Cubs winner at Milwaukee against the Brewers. Hernandez, longest-serving Latino umpire in MLB history, has been assigned third base when the host Boston Red Sox begin the ALDS facing the Cleveland Indians-New York Yankees AL Wild Card survivor starting on Oct. 5.

THE BIG BUZZ: Ramon de Jesus, Fonzy Marquez on Umpire Crew in Dodgers-Padres Series in Mexico Calling 4-Pitcher No-Hitter by L.A.

May. 14, 2018

Meanwhile, Ortiz, Torres Exchange Greetings with Ichiro in Another Landmark Event

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THE BIG BUZZ: Start of New Colorado Legislative Session Means 'The Citizen Testifier' Swings Into Action

Feb. 20, 2018

Phil Ross Begins 2018 Testimony in Senate Committees on Bills of Varying Topics

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THE BIG BUZZ: Latest Phil Ross Books Remain Excellent Bargains at Reduced Price in 2018

Jan. 4, 2018

BOTCHED BLOODING, 1st Book in BLUE HOMBRES Trilogy Only $8.50 Each

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THE BIG BUZZ: Precious Memories Triggered for Ex-Sportswriter by Broadcast Legend's Death

Dec. 24, 2017

Passing of Dick Enberg at 82 Elicits Old Recollections

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THE BIG BUZZ: Umpire-Turned-Author Holds Back Tears in Sharing Personal Memories of Multiple Cy Young Honoree Roy 'Doc' Halladay

THE BIG BUZZ: BLUE HOMBRES Author, Sidekick Renew Acquaintances with MLB Hopeful Triple-A Umpires

Jul. 18, 2017

3-Man Crew Dodges Possible 'Curfew' Rule Deadline in Pair of 1-Run Games During PCL Twin Bill

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THE BIG BUZZ: MLB Umpire Unwittingly Becomes Instant International Hero, Saves Troubled Woman from Possible Suicide Leap into River off Bridge

Jun. 29, 2017

John Tumpane Physically, Verbally Prevents Likely Death; Later on Same Date, Works Home Plate in Bucs-Rays Clash at Nearby Pittsburgh Stadium

In one of the best feel-good stories in a while, during a June 28, pre-game afternoon jog across Pittsburgh's Roberto Clemente Bridge, Major League Baseball umpire John Tumpane became an instant international hero and Internet sensation. On the span over the Allegheny River named after the late Pirates' Hall-of-Fame player who died in the crash of a plane carrying supplies to 1960s Nicaraguan earthquake survivors, Tumpane stopped a likely suicide from happening.

The 30-something Chicago product verbally and physically prevented a stranger -- a suicide-bent woman -- from jumping to her death off the bridge. Before calling balls and strikes in the Tampa Bay Rays-Pirates game the same night at nearby PNC Park, Tumpane coolly and calmly talked the woman out of her original plan, used his physical strength as well, and instructed another witness to call 911. Then, within hours he was behind the plate at PNC, doing the job for which he had come to the Steel City, his life no doubt changed forever.

THE BIG BUZZ: 'The Thrill' Resumes Hook-Up with Retired Commissioner After 2 Decades

THE BIG BUZZ: Author's Sidelight as 'Citizen Testifier' Results in New Laws

May 27, 2017

Bills Signed by Governor Are Varied, Partisan, Bipartisan

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THE BIG BUZZ: Author Phil Ross's Literary Activities Are Summed Up in Capsule Form

May 25, 2017

After Debut Volume in 2013, Recently Released Whistleblower Book Wrapped Around BLUE HOMBRES Trilogy

Here, capsulized, is an update of literary activities by Colorado author Phil Ross since his debut book, ONCE A TROJAN ALWAYS A TROJAN: A True Story, almost four years ago:

His latest book, a corporate health care whistleblower volume, was published in April 2017 after 2 1/2 years of legal entanglements in the California court system. It is titled BOTCHED BLOODING: They Tried to Kill Me ... and Then They Stole My Livelihood (A Fictionalized Account of Compelling Actual Events). It is available on Amazon and ebook on Kindle.

Wrapped around that latest book is a trilogy by Phil on Latino Major League Baseball umpires, also on Amazon and Kindle. The title of Book One, launched in August 2016, is BLUE HOMBRES: The Life and Times of Major League Baseball's Latino Umpires, First of a Trilogy. Separate chapters, among others, are devoted to Alfonzo "Fonzy" Marquez, who is the first and only (so far) full-time MLB umpire born in Mexico, and Rich Garcia, a colorful Cuban-American who is MLB's longest-tenured Latino umpire.

Book Two -- BLUE HOMBRES 2.0: Major League Baseball's Latino Umpires and Their Crew Mates Embrace the High-Tech Revolution with Much Gusto -- will be published early in 2018.

The third, and final, part of the trilogy -- BLUE HOMBRES Numero Tres: Major League Baseball's Latino Umpires Peer Into the Future Beyond 2017 -- will appear later in 2018.

THE BIG BUZZ: Traveling Ross/Kellogg Pair Heads South to Visit, Observe Versatile PCL Umpire Crew

May 11, 2017

3-Man Regulars Enhanced by 4th Addition

The on-the-move sports trivia duo of Ross and Kellogg ventured to Colorado Springs on May 11 to observe a regular umpire-crew-plus-one in an early start Pacific Coast League game. (Learn details by clicking on Updates on Phil tab)

THE BIG BUZZ: Whirlwind Day Finds Author Phil Ross, Good Pal Engaging New Broncos’ Head Coach, MLB Umpire Crew

May 10, 2017


Colorado author Phil Ross and a good friend engaged in pleasant chit-chat with figures from major sports. (Learn more by clicking on Updates on Phil tab)

THE BIG BUZZ: Compelling, Much-Anticipated, Often-Delayed New Phil Ross Book Makes Debut, Now Available

Apr. 12, 2017

'BOTCHED BLOODING: They Tried to Kill Me ... and Then They Stole My Livelihood (A Fictionalized Account of Compelling Actual Events)'

The new Phil Ross book, nearly three years in the making and delayed often by judicial shenanigans in the wacky California court system, is now available to the public. (More details by clicking on the News on Phil's Books tab)

THE BIG BUZZ: Colorado Authors Phil Ross, Adrian Miller Hook Up at Popular Library Event

Phil Ross and Adrian Miller, two Colorado-based authors, paused to chat briefly following Miller's entertaining, March 31, 2017, presentation and book-signing for his new book, THE PRESIDENT'S KITCHEN CABINET, at the Arapahoe Library District's Smoky Hill Library in Aurora, Colo. The volume is a follow-up to Adrian's debut book, SOUL FOOD, which, like Phil's debut, ONCE A TROJAN ALWAYS A TROJAN: A True Story, was launched in 2013.
Phil's most recent release, BOTCHED BLOODING: They Tried to Kill Me ... and Then They Stole My Livelihood (A Fictionalized Account of Compelling Actual Events), debuted in April 2017 and now is available on and Kindle (ebook), along with ONCE A TROJAN and Phil's August 2016 release, BLUE HOMBRES: The Life and Times of Major League Baseball's Latino Umpires, First of a Trilogy.

(Click on the link to access photos of the Miller event; photo caption below link)

In the No. 22 frame of a 24-photo gallery, Phil (right) is garbed in his U.S. Army Vietnam Era Veteran's cap and a T-shirt from Hardin-Simmons University, one of 50 shirts from 33 colleges in 21 states he has collected as a hobby during his travels. The purple "tee" is one of three from universities in Abilene, Tex. -- the other two from Abilene Christian University and McMurry University. Adrian's blue-and-gold apron is an official one from the White House's Presidential Food Service. (Photo gallery courtesy of Arapahoe Library District)

THE BIG BUZZ: Author Phil Ross Recalls Harrowing Time as Drag Racer

Feb. 21, 2017

Ride with Phil in Olden Days in Orange County

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THE BIG BUZZ: 10th-Anniversary Retrospective Images Take Long-Time Friends to Coors Field

Nov. 15, 2016

Reunion of High School Cohorts Also Winds Up with Herd at Edge of Town

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THE BIG BUZZ: Noted NY Times Best-Selling Author of New 'The Sleepwalker' Offers Encouragement, Praise

Dec. 2, 2016

Novelist Chris Bohjalian, Author of 'The Buffalo Soldier,' 'House Guest,' His Newest, 'Midwives,' and Numerous Other Best-Sellers, Charms Denver Audience with Anecdotes, Inside Tips

New York native Chris Bohjalian, New York Times best-selling author of "House Guest," "The Buffalo Soldier," his newest book, "Midwives," and numerous other best-selling novels, regaled a Denver area audience of more than 200 eager reader/listeners with personal anecdotes about his books on Dec. 1. Bohjalian's next potential best-seller, "The Sleepwalker," will debut in January 2017. The evening lecture and book-signing, at the Embassy Suites-DTC in suburban Centennial, was preceded by a meet-and-greet cocktail reception.

The author, who is now a long-time resident of rural Vermont, spent nearly an hour spinning tales about how several of his books came to be, offering tips on his approach to writing success, then took questions before launching into the personal signing of his books. Bohjalian is noted for his deep research and turning historical events into heart-wrenching novels that often feature unexpected, even eerie, twists and turns.

In a brief, one-on-one discussion, Bohjalian privately praised Colorado author Phil Ross after reading selected passages from the latter's current first book of a trilogy, "BLUE HOMBRES: The Life and Times of Major League Baseball's Latino Umpires." "You're a good writer," the best-selling writer told the Colorado author. "You have a certain flair. Your sentences are well-constructed."

Considering the source, Ross conceded the comments were well-thought-out, and a welcome addition to the evening and his own ongoing quest to inform and entertain readers. The latest new Phil Ross book, "BOTCHED BLOODING: They Tried to Kill Me ... and Then They Stole My Livelihood, A Fictionalized Account of Compelling Actual Events," is now available on Amazon and Kindle (ebook).

The program was a featured event in a continuing series of author lectures/book-signings sponsored by the Arapahoe Library District.

Chris Bohjalian's website is